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La Parada del Rey, via Monte Aguirre and La Raya

Distance: 10,6 km 
Time: 3,5 hrs
Difficulty: Low-medium
Ascent: 420 m 

The starting point for this route is the Fuente del Cura recreation area. As indicated on thesign, walk up the Muñequilla path past the Fuente de la Villa heading southeast. Where the road finishes, continue along the track through the oak forest, the initial part of this route being the same as the SL 03.  After 1,900m, where the two routes divide, take the right-hand path.A bit further on, walk past the Pinar de Aguirre barrier, and where the path forks, go right.

A little further ahead, go left, walk past an old house, and then by an old area of vegetable gardens. The path continues to wind up through a reforested pine wood and continues until you reach the Mostajo forest track. Here you should take the right hand path and continue walking for another 2,500m.Where this path joins the Morcuera forest track, walk down, and some metres further on, turn left and continue along the Cordel de la Morcuera until you reach the Parada del Rey. Here you can admire the magnificent Twelve Brothers group of oak trees, as well as a spectacular view of the Perdiguera ridge, and the reservoir below.  Continue east along the path, walk across the field, and then downhill for approximately 2,600m through the Raya oak forest until you reach the road from which the route started.

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